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Legacy Businesses are the soul of the city. Preserving Legacy Businesses is critical to maintaining the unique character of San Francisco.

The Legacy Business Program is a groundbreaking initiative established in 2015 by the City and County of San Francisco that recognizes and preserves longstanding, community-serving businesses. Through the Legacy Business Registry, the Program certifies businesses that have operated in San Francisco for 30 years or longer and have contributed to San Francisco’s history and identity. Legacy Businesses serve as valuable cultural assets of the city; they are the bedrock of local neighborhoods and a draw for tourists from around the world.

The San Francisco Office of Small Business manages the Legacy Business Program. The Office of Small Business is the city's central point of information and referral for entrepreneurs and small businesses located in San Francisco. By championing business-friendly policies, marketing the contributions of the small business sector, and developing appropriate assistance programs like the Legacy Business Program, the Office of Small Business works to support and enhance an environment where small businesses can succeed and flourish.

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The purpose of the Legacy Business Program is to maintain San Francisco's cultural identity and to foster civic engagement and pride by assisting long-operating businesses to remain in the city. The Legacy Business Registry was established to recognize longstanding, community-serving businesses that are valuable cultural assets of the city. In addition, the Registry is a tool for providing educational and promotional assistance to Legacy Businesses to encourage their continued viability and success.

The mission of the Office of Small Business – which manages the Legacy Business Program – is to equitably support, preserve, and protect small businesses in San Francisco by providing high quality direct services and programs, driving practical policy solutions, and serving as a champion for San Francisco’s diverse small business community.

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Legacy Businesses offer a wide range of services and products to their local communities and beyond, each with a unique history to boast. They are retailers, restaurants, service providers, artists, manufacturers, and more. They are family-owned businesses, neighborhood-serving businesses, and community gathering spaces. We encourage you to use this website as a resource to explore Legacy Businesses – check out their websites, browse their products and services, and most importantly, spend your dollars on what they are offering. Every dollar spent at a Legacy Business is a direct investment towards preserving an establishment that is engrained in the fabric of San Francisco.

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Has your business operated in San Francisco for over 30 years and contributed to San Francisco’s history and identity? If so, you could be eligible for inclusion on the Legacy Business Registry. Legacy Businesses receive educational and promotional assistance to support their continued viability and success, as well as the potential to apply for grants or receive legislative benefits.

The registration process for the Legacy Business Registry includes nomination by the mayor or a member of the Board of Supervisors, a written application, an advisory recommendation from the Historic Preservation Commission, and approval by the Small Business Commission. Review the eligibility criteria, registration process, and application here: https://sf.gov/legacybusiness.

For questions, email legacybusiness(at)sfgov.org or call (415) 554-6680.

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